Natural is the new pretty

It has grown to common sense that toys may have a major impact on one’s identity. We grew up with over dressed and over maked up dolls, not only the adult ones but often those resembling kids like we were. What did that made us believe?

Sonja Singh’s Tree Change Dolls is a very curious and inspiring project, moved by her ill to rescue the natural looks dolls and kids should have always shared. With some solvent and a lot of creativity, she repaints and reclothes dolls into the likeness of real, inspiring young girls.

More then just stating women can be beautiful with their real brows, freckled cheeks and unlined eyes, her playful dolls remind us of the real-life heroes within our human uniqueness.

Congratulations Sonia, for raising new perspectives over the woman body by producing fictional but not distorted and objectified female figures.

#doll #boneca #infancia #natural #childhood #makeup #parapensar

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