Nesta semana, a imprensa italiana divulgou que a artista pediu permissão para filmar nas ruínas históricas em Roma no início do mês. A primeira tentativa não deu certo, mas Beyoncé já teria retomado as negociações.

A fonte da matéria diz: "Beyonce tem trabal...

Syd (também conhecida como Syd Tha Kyd) é a vocalista do grupo The Internet. 

We simply LOVE YOU Willow Smith and will remember this day forever! Thanks for recognizing and spreading our love message on your instagram <3

Os estúdios Pixar da Disney ficam na Califórnia e são um dos maiores criadores de animação e computação gráfica no mundo. Lá trabalham os chamados animadores, entre eles a brasileira Nancy Kato, que em 13 anos no estúdio já contribuiu com títulos de grande sucesso como...

It has grown to common sense that toys may have a major impact on one’s identity. We grew up with over dressed and over maked up dolls, not only the adult ones but often those resembling kids like we were. What did that made us believe?

Sonja Singh’s Tree Change Dolls i...

Have you heard of Malala Yousafzai? We are preparing a full article on what you an this Pakistan Nobel winner girl have in common! Stay tunned! 

Till then, check out this powerfull song created by teenagers around the world who were also inspired by her story and activi...

Sheila has been writing a play over this topic after the subject was brought up at school and soon, with the help of her portuguese teacher, she's sharing it here since this is such a sensible and present debate. Stay tuned!

Welcome to our blog!! We built this space to promote constructive and appealing content, and share stories and facts that will inspire our creativity, and bust our plans for cultural transformation.

We are moved by interesting and meaningful information that relates to...

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